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Definitions & Symbols Used
BSP - British Standard Pipe Threads NGT - National Gas Taper Threads
ANSI - American National Standard Institute BS - British Standard
IS - Indian Standard G - Fastening Pipe Thread Internal
G-A - Fastening Pipe Thread External  


Materials of Construction
Valve Body Heavy duty, full weight & forged out of high tensile brass rods conforming to Indian Standard specifications for higher wear resistance.
S.S. Spindle Collar-type spindle made of high quality stainless steel non-magnetic. Machined on SPM's. Thread generation by rolling method.
Gland Nut Made of IS:319 Brass Rods having special composition to meet the end user requirements.
Washer Provided with PTFE Teflon gland to avoid leakage.
Brass Washer Made of Brass IS:319. Manufactured to close tolerance on Single-Spindle Automats.
Handwheel O2 , N2O & CO2 valves available with handwheels or standard key type configuration.


Our Products are guaranteed for satisfactory performance, intended use & any manufacturing defect for a period of one year from the date of supply. Our liability is limited to free replacement of defectives. No Questions Asked.

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